Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mielke Identifies Reason Why Sean Duffy Will Win The Primary

Mielke For Congress
Sean Duffy is an Attorney, his father is an attorney, his grandfather was an attorney and a judge, his brother is an attorney and a judge.

Dan believes that attorneys serve a valuable and necessary part of our society. But Dan
also realizes that 43% of congress is already made up of attorneys. "There is a danger in
having too many attorneys in Washington. Sean was raised to think and reason like an
attorney. To insure a fair and impartial balance of thinking in the legislature we need
representations from all walks of life . Presently we are seeing the danger in too many
attorneys in Washington. The bills being voted on are confusing and legalistic in nature,
often leaving way too many legal loopholes and hidden agendas which come out after the
bill has passed. Bills need to be simple and clean without so much legalese in them. This is
why our founding fathers were concerned about the harmful influence lawyers could have
if they became too powerful in congress."

It seems that Mr. Mielke believes that since 43% of Congressman are attorneys that we shouldn't send another attorney, even a successful and respected one like Duffy, to Washington.  I'm going to leave this statement alone for just one second while I touch on one that I think is important.

First, the job of Congress is to pass legislature (aka laws).  In order to be effective at writing new laws one must first understand the old ones, right?  I mean, how can we create something if we don't understand what that something is?  If Mielke got sent to Congress he could, unwittingly, introduce legislation that would be struck down by the courts as illegal - or worse yet, let the Democrats pull on over on him. 

He said that 43% of Congressmen are lawyers and the Democrats have the majority so I say let's fight fire with fire.  Now coming back to Mielke's comments here lawyers are paid to argue the facts, present their case and persuade others.  Extremely similar to the role of politicians in Congress. 

Politicians in Congress must also argue the facts, present their case and persuade others in other to get legislation to pass.  Now that Sean has been raised to think like a lawyer, someone who makes a living persuading others, I would think that he would have mountains of experience over Mielke. 

In fact, experience is very abundant.  Duffy has been in office for four terms as a DA - an elected position.  What experience does Mielke have serving in public office?  I will give you this - he certainly knows how to lose an election.

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