Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Prevent Doyle 2.0 from Being Elected

This morning when I checked my email I found a message in there that scared me.  Obama's political machine has arrived in Milwaukee to set up shop and get Tom Barret, aka Tom the Taxer, aka Doyle 2.0 elected.  Haven't we had enough of Obama's Chicago style politics by now?  Haven't we had enough of the broken promises, the empty speeches and the overall lack of results from his administration?

I know one thing is for certain - we don't need more Obama politics in Wisconsin.  If we are going to take back our state we cannot allow Doyle 2.0 to be elected.  The last thing we need is for our state to be run like the federal government - into the ground.  If Doyle 2.0 takes office we can expect more of the same that we had for the last 6 years.

I've had enough.  Enough of the increasing spending, enough of the increasing taxes and enough of fat cat liberal politicians mortgaging our grand children's futures, distorting the truth and taking us for granted.  It's time we teach Madison that we will not sit idly by.  We will fight.  We will demonstrate.  And we will elect Scott Walker as our new Governor come November.

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