Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mielke's Poisoned Poll

Northwestern Wisconsin congressional race headed for Republican primary | FOX 21 Online
But if Duffy is getting the limelight, Dan Mielke says the GOP is trying to force him off the stage, despite being the party's candidate in the last election. Mielke says he’s been excluded attending, speaking at, or handing out literature at Lincoln Day dinners. Mielke says he’s been a lifelong Republican, and wonders if he’s ruffled the GOP’s “feathers a little bit."

The socially conservative Mielke commissioned a poll of 7th Congressional District voters, and the results show him leading both fellow Republican Duffy and Democrat Obey. Mielke says he's in the race to stay, and that means a contentious Republican primary before Obey faces the winner in the general election.

I'm sorry Mr. Mielke but I don't trust any polls commissioned by any candidates. I'm sure that if I polled 10 of my best friends that I would find that I am leading both Mielke, Duffy and Obey in the race for the 7th Congressional district and I'm not even a declared candidate.

Why should we trust a poll that was commissioned by a candidate?  The notion of truth in this country has become synonymous with who ever pays the bill.  Therefore, since Mr. Mielke paid the bill the pollsters have a responsibility not to the truth but to Dan Mielke.  This includes only polling Mielke supporters with a few non-supporters thrown in to make it look legit.

In fact, the title of the document that reports the results says "Polling Results of the 7th Congressional District Produced for the Dan Mielke Campaign".  Note the key phrase "Produced for the Dan Mielke Campaign". 

I also take issue with a paragraph in this document that is highly subjective, emotionally charged and overall not conducive of a scientific method.  The paragraph copied from the document verbatim follows.

It is doubtful that Duffy will be able to overcome this strong of a lead by Mielke.  But it is possible that an aggressive fight between Mielke and Duffy could hurt Mielke's run against Dave Obey, if Duffy's supporters choose to vote for Obey over Mielke.  We see this as unlikely, but it could happen if emotions run high during the primary race.
For run thing, Mielke is not going to have a run against Dave Obey despite what this "poisoned poll" says.  Second, it is still too early to say that Duffy is definitively going to lose the primary.  He's not - not with the qualifications he has over Dan Mielke.  I know I would rather have a successful DA in Congress than an organic farmer who's lost every election in the last 5 years that he has run in.

Finally, the last issue I have with this poll is that it polled 35% Democrats and only 37% Republicans.  I know that if I was being polled and the questions were asking me to compare two Democrat candidates against a Republican candidate that I would show strong support for the weaker Democrat candidate in hopes of making the general election easier for the Republican candidate.
Click here to read the results for yourself and you will see how one sided this poll really is.


Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. You are trying so hard to sound intellegent. God himself could have handed out the result and you still would have written the same letter. You're scared because the people don't like Sean and you know it.

Jesse Seymour said...

To the anonymous commenter...

I almost took your comment seriously until I realized that it was nothing more than a personal attack. I should have deleted it but I am going to leave it here as an example to other comment posters of how not to post here.

Instead of refuting any particular argument I made you instead attack me over what I wrote. That is hardly the sign of intelligence. You don't see me here calling you stupid or scared or a coward for hiding behind an anonymous label.

Until you can form an intelligent and reasonable argument please refrain from posting here. Good day, and good luck making it through life.

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