Friday, March 12, 2010

Life Doesn't Have a Reset Button

So here I am listening to the Chatterbox WAV file from the Grand Theft Auto 3 video game because well... I'm a geek like that.  It's a mock talk radio call-in show and one of the "callers" was talking about how her son's dog got hit by a truck and how he was frantically looking for the reset button.

"Life doesn't have a reset button."

There is really some wisdom here.  There is.  Especially when we apply that quote to the health care debacle that we currently face.  People may not realize it but we are at the edge of a massive piece of legislation that strips away our freedoms, promotes immoral behavior and will alter our lives forever.

We've been debating health care since the Clinton days.  And we still haven't found a better solution than the one we currently have.  With recent and numerous examples of foreign people coming here for important procedures it seems that we have a damn good system.

So why are we in such a rush to change it?  I say we take this massive piece of legislation, break it down into manageable chunks and debate each one individually.  There is no hard and fast rule that says we need to pass it all at once like a giant kidney stone.  Let's break it down, examine it, and pass the pieces that make sense.

Remember that life doesn't have a reset button.

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