Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mielke Continues to Embarrass Himself, Republican Party in Losing Primary Battle

I've written countless times about the not so appealing candidate Dan Mielke.  In fact, I've written about him so much that I should change the name of this blog to The Mielke View.  But try as I might I cannot escape this topic when there are so many gems to report on. 

During the Americans for Prosperity event Mielke and Rachel Duffy got into an argument.  Mielke was, in my opinion, knowingly stating materials that misrepresented Sean's position on gay marriage - something both Sean and I oppose.  Rachel, from the accounts I have received, wanted Mielke to remove the materials and when he didn't she got a bit feisty and tried to remove one of the false signs.

That's when Mielke "violently grabbed" her arm (as reported by the WisPolitics blog here).  Now let me remind you that Rachel is neither a large frightening person or a physical threat being 8.5 months pregnant.  I don't care what the deal is - you never lay your hand on a woman, especially a pregnant woman.  I think that this is just another tactic of Mielke playing double agent for the Democratic party and trying to hurt Sean's campaign against Obey.

Later Mielke called 911 - why?  Because he got in an argument with a woman half his size and twice the man that he is (the last part being my personal opinion which I feel is widely shared).  His stated reason from the WisPolitics blog is "I was not trying to create an incident. My goal was not to turn this into a political thing".  I can smell a rat here.

I think that Mielke called the police, who left without arresting anyone, so he could generate some publicity and further damage the Republican party.  In fact, I am going to do some digging to see if I can come up with any connection between Obey and Mielke because I have a strong sense that Mielke is simply running to hurt Sean after Sean won the district endorsement.  To me, this speaks strongly of a Mielke-Obey connection somewhere (perhaps donors in common?).

In other news, Mielke is alleged to have violated campaign law.  Get that story here.

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