Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sean Duffy Now Official Candidate of the Republican Party

It seems that some in the Party leadership are a bit late in spreading the news about Sean Duffy's endorsement victory.  I just received this press release in my Inbox this morning after having covered this yesterday.  Maybe now Mielke will finally exit that race after seeing that his poisoned poll did not succeed in swinging delegates to his side.

It won't surprise me one bit though if he (Mielke) turns his attentions to outright attacking Duffy.  I think it will play out to be something like "If I can't have the 7th District seat then no Republican will".  It will be interesting to see as we head into the summer months how this soap opera of a campaign will play out.


7th District Republicans Endorse Sean Duffy
Ashland DA now official candidate of the Republican Party

WAUSAU—The Republican Party of the 7th Congressional District held its caucus on Saturday, March 6.  The caucus voted to endorse Sean Duffy as our official candidate to take on Appropriations Chairman and 41 year incumbent David Obey in November.

The results were as follows for those delegates endorsing a candidate: 

Sean Duffy: 406 delegate votes
Dan Mielke: 78 delegate votes

"I've never seen the party more energized and unified," said 7th Congressional District Chairman Mike Monson.  "I'm confident that Sean Duffy and his message of fiscal responsibility and job creation will lead us to a historic victory this November."   


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