Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Thing Republicans Are United Against

This last Saturday marked the revelation of one more thing that Republicans in Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District are nearly united in opposing:  Daniel Mielke.  At last Saturday's caucus Sean Duffy won the endorsement with 84% of the delegates in attendance voting for him.  84%.

And this was only Republicans - the same people that Mielke's poisoned poll revealed to be overwhelmingly supporting him.   So where was Mielke's "overwhelming support" on Saturday when such an important vote was taking place?

They actually were eliminated by a technicality - you see, imaginary people cannot vote at these votes (just like in the general election). 

This is yet another indicator that Mielke will not make it to the general election.  At this point, Mielke can continue to try to attack the party, Sean, and the voters but he has about as much of a chance of getting elected as I do in this election.

Mielke, face it - it's over.  You had your chance.  Now it's time to let someone else take a shot at Obey - someone who can actually beat him.

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Closet Cryer said...

well said Mr.Seymour. I for one will be voting for Sean Duffy. Thanks for keeping us up to date on mielke's poisoned views on today's political views.

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