Thursday, January 21, 2010

Barret: The Disorganized Candidate

When I ran for city council in my community, I had things organized.  I had a system in place for identifying likely voters, I had mailing lists, walking lists and campaign literature neatly stacked and organized.  I even had a website with my cell phone number all over it (and people used it).

Is there any question that a gubernatorial race is a much bigger affair than a city council race?  I would hope not!  But Barret doesn't seem to get that message.  In a WSAU blog post that was shared with me via email it is evident that Barret doesn't have his game together.

The post went on to explain the lengthy search that the news room went through to locate campaign contact information.  They tried searching for Barret on Google and could not find a campaign website.  They tried the yellow pages, other news agencies, and finally they found a phone number.

A phone number... that was all.  No issue statements, no press releases and no information.  No schedules, no addresses for sending contributions to and no hint of a credible campaign to be found anywhere.

If this is how Barret is taking the race, which is well underway, how much attention is he going to afford to the job if he somehow wins the election?  Wouldn't we rather have someone we know is organized and ready for the task?


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