Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Duffy Showing Strong Chance to Unseat Obey

Sean Duffy, a young gun within the Republican party, is set to give Obey a run for his money in November.  Duffy is a young energetic candidate that resonates as well with retired voters as he does with twenty somethings (I should know, being 25 myself).  I've met Sean Duffy during my brief tenure with the Langlade County Republican Party and I have a good feeling if the general election is Obey vs. Duffy.

However, there is still a thorn in the proverbial side of conservatives in Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District.  Daniel Mielke, who was the Republican candidate for Congress in 2008 (and lost by a landslide to Obey), is still insisting he is the best candidate to unseat Obey.

Wait just a minute here.  According to the 2008 election results Dan Mielke failed to win a single county against Obey.  Not even one county said they wanted Dan Mielke over Obey.  Perhaps identity crisis hit and people voted for Obey thinking they were voting for Mielke?  They do look a lot alike you know...

The saying is "If you always do what you have always done than you will always get what you always got".  Do we want Obey to win another election?  NO!  Just in case you missed that here it is again... NO!

So why would we throw a candidate who already had a shot at Obey and couldn't get the job done?  I know in Wisconsin we like to stick with leaders who drop the ball a lot (how else did Doyle win the governor's office and why was Brett Favre our lead quarterback for so long?) but guess what Wisconsin?  A new age is coming.

It's time to for real conservatives to stop sitting by idly and watching politics as usual.  It's time to put some morality, decency and common sense back into the political process.  It's time that Wisconsin, from the Congress to the school board, elect real conservatives who live by real conservative (and Wisconsin) values.

So the primary is on Sept 14th.  Seems like a long time from now but believe me - this is going to be a busy summer as Mielke won't take the hint that nobody wants him.  My name is Jesse Seymour and I endorse Sean Duffy for US Congress.

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