Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Democrats Show Contempt for Public Opinion

It's no small secret that the Democrats don't care about public opinion - at least not the current Congressional Democrats or the current occupant of the White House.  Their determination to get a public health care plan pushed through the legislative process in spite of the public being against it is pretty damning evidence.

I've known about this for quite a while.  Democrats didn't fool me.  In fact I even tried to tell people that if Obama won the election they could expect broken promises and an era of government that reminds the older generation of the Carter administration.

But what really bothers me is when people still defend the Democrats to this day.  Wake up people!  They don't represent you - they use you.  Consider this quote from Kristin:

"Russ Feingold isn't listening. Wisconsinites are showing up in droves to Feingold's listening sessions to ask him to vote 'no' on a government health care takeover but he insists we're evenly split on the issue. If Feingold continues to support the current spending bill laden with special interest favors and shrouded with secrecy, he can expect a pink slip in November." –Kristin Ruesch, Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director

Some people at least are starting to wake up.  The Midwestern Republican is calling for Sean Duffy to easily beat Dave Obey, the king of the big spenders, in November.  I hope that when Sean Duffy is elected he will insist on open debate and allow the public to voice their opinion in a meaningful way.

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