Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Barret Says Jobs Are No. 1 But Won't Give Specifics

Tom Barret, that Democratic runner for the governor's job in Wisconsin, and a member of the same party as Doyle, the governor that failed Wisconsin, has said that job growth is his top priority.  And that is pretty much all he said in an article published on the LaCrosse Tribune.

Great... do you want a cookie Mr. Barret?

Mr. Barret gave few details about he intends to use the governor's office to create more jobs in Wisconsin.  In fact, I think he only gave one details - he's going to give tax credits to companies that create jobs.  Again, the idea is applaudable but there is the other side of the coin that needs to be examined.

Rather than reduce taxes on just the big corporations let's cut government spending.  This will allow taxes to be lowered across the board for both individuals and corporations which will give people more money to spend.  The more money people spend the more the state collects in sales tax revenues.

In fact, the sales tax revenue could more than make up for the difference in income tax revenues.  After all this country does not save well and if we have money we are going to spend it.  

Also, if taxes are reduced across the board companies have more money to invest in growth.  This allows companies to grow at their own pace rather than hire a bunch of people, collect the tax credits and then lay them all off.

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