Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Sick of Taxes

The following blog post is a letter I am preparing for the Antigo Daily Journal.  In case they did not publish it I wanted to post it here to make sure that people had the chance to read it.  Post your feedback below.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Editor:

I'm sick of taxes.  Furthermore, I'm sick of taxes being raised.  At all levels of government it seems that officials are all to eager to tax us into bankruptcy.  If a politician would offer up a plan to fix the issues with our country, state, county and city without raising our taxes I would be ecstatic.

Raising taxes is an easy way to plug a budget gap.  It allows the politicians to avoid having to make cuts and risk not getting re-elected.  It's also a coward's way of addressing the issues.  Rather than correct the symptoms politicians seem content to hide the symptoms.

Except Scott Walker.  He has the courage to propose budgets and solutions that do not include a tax raise.  In fact, when he was elected Milwaukee County Executive he promised to spend taxpayer dollars as if he was spending his own money... a promise that he has continued to fulfill to this day.

Scott Walker was also able to save almost $200 million in tax payer dollars with his 2010 budget.  This is a significant demonstration of his ability to work hard to find solutions that do not include a tax hike - unlike Democratic challenger Tom Barret.  In fact. Barret's final budget required furlogh days for police officers. 

I don't want a governor that is going to use those kinds of tricks to appear to solve problems.  I want a governor that will bring real solutions to real problems to the table.  I want a governor that will stand by his promises to not raise taxes. 

Jesse Seymour

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