Friday, January 29, 2010

Mielke Having Hard Time Selling Voters

It appears that, at least according to campaign finance reports, that Daniel Mielke is having a difficult time selling his story to the voters.  In the summary report from the FEC it is stated that Mielke has total receipts of $366,863 with $332,750 of that total amount coming from his personal contributions.

Mielke so far as had to contribute 90.7% of his total campaign funds while only raising 9.1% from individual voters and less than 1% from the party committees.  For those that don't know the Republican Party will fund candidates that it believes has a strong chance to beat a Democrat incumbent.

Looking at these hard numbers really paints an interesting story.  First, it says that Mielke's story is not resonating with the voters.  Second, it shows that Mielke is almost completely self-funding his campaign.  Finally it shows that he does not have the ability to raise funds to generate needed cash to kick up the campaign in high gear to challenge Obey.

Sean Duffy, on the other hand, has raised 99.8% of his total cash from individual contributions.  Digging deeper we see that Duffy raised an average of $850.43 from each of the 164 individuals who contributed to his campaign.  People don't spend that much money on something they don't believe in.

In comparison Mielke was only able to garner contributions from 30 people for an average of $1,112.37 per contributor.  Not only does Duffy gather more individual contributors than Mielke but the average is also lower.  This says, at least to me, that Duffy is gaining more traction with middle class and lower middle class working people than affluent citizens like the crowd Mielke solicits from.

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