Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why Should Obey Care About Us?

Dave Obey is at it again, this time trying to spend money on a neighborhood in Rhode Island.  Did we elect him back before I was even born to the Representative for Rhode Island?  I guess Wisconsinittes back then thought, "You know, we have plenty of Representatives and Rhode Island could use an extra one.  Let's give them Obey."

You see, our sky rocketing unemployment rate doesn't merit the attention that some struggling neighborhood in Rhode Island does.  That's why Obey went to visit to see how the federal government could spend more money there. 

This is yet another example of how Obey has turned his back on us.  We need to stop giving this guy a job.  Let's pretend that you owned a company and had an employee working for you that was concerned about everything except what you hired him to be worried about.  What would you do?  I would fire the employee and replace him with one that I could trust to focus on the items I want him to focus on.

Well that wayward employee is Obey - and we are his boss.  Nancy Pelosi is not his boss.  President Obama is not his boss.  Harry Reid is not his boss.  We are Obey's boss. 

In my opinion Obey needs to be replaced or retired.  The guy is certainly old enough to retire and nobody wants him around anymore.

Check out this quote from the WSJ:
"The only real opportunity you have to prevent something stupid from happening is to have the protection of the staff who know the most about these programs and can fight something if they think it smells," Mr. Obey told reporters, while trying to explain why he won't be disclosing earmarks in spending bills despite the promises made by Nancy Pelosi while lambasting Republicans last year. Instead, Mr. Obey declared that he and his staff would vet the earmarks themselves and then disclose them all in the Congressional Record some day. -- http://online.wsj.com/article/SB118169705674733307.html
What that says for those playing the home game is that Rep. Obey and the people he hires, the ones that owe their livelihood to him, not us, will be vetting all expenditures.  And this was posted back on June 13, 2007!

Obviously Obey is out of touch with the job he was hired to do. 

Let's fire him come November and elect a real representative who is not afraid of doing his job.

Let's elect Sean Duffy to Congress.

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