Friday, January 22, 2010

Dan Mielke: Is He or Isn't He a Politician?

It's not small secret that I have Google Alerts setup for all participants in the 7th Congressional District race, including Dan Mielke.  This morning I found this little gem in my alerts folder and I just had to point a few things out.

In the first quote below, Mielke goes on to stress that he's not a politician, he's a concerned voter.  Nothing wrong with that per se but let's look a bit deeper.

Farmer seeks rematch for congressional seat | Superior Telegram | Superior, Wisconsin
“I’m not in this for the politics,” Mielke said. “I’m in this because I am one of those voters and I’m frustrated and … I’m a strong Constitutional supporter and really, the idea behind government elected officials, is that they’re supposed to be of the voting public. They’re not supposed to be some professional that was put in place, and went to school and was trained to be some politician. So I’m kind of the anti-professional politician.”
Now let's take a look at the next quote from this same article.

Farmer seeks rematch for congressional seat | Superior Telegram | Superior, Wisconsin
“I’m more of a tea party, give-us-our-country-back politician I guess you could say,” Mielke said. “I don’t believe in career politicians. They should be doing they’re tour of duty and getting out of the foxholes and get back into life.”

Did any one else catch the immediate contradiction, the obvious waffling with identity.  Is he a politician?  Is he a concerned citizen? 

Perhaps it's this lack of conviction that led to his miserable performance against Obey in 2008.  As a conservative watching this race unfold I can honestly say that sending Mielke out to do battle against Obey would be one quick ticket to another Obey term. 

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