Friday, January 29, 2010

People - Grow Up!

Chris Matthews "Forgot He Was Black" Comment Sets Internet Ablaze [VIDEO]
Despite posts to the contrary, Matthews was not seeking to make a racially derogatory comment in any respect, but perhaps he should have chosen his words more carefully. Later on in his ruminations, he himself goes on to say: “It’s so hard to even talk about; maybe I shouldn’t talk about it, but I am. I thought it was profound, that way.”
Here we go - another media circus about another reference to skin color.  When the $%^& are people going to grow up and stop making such a big deal over these things?  If we keep making a big deal about racist remarks then racism will never go away!  Besides, should we as adults be mature enough to not let the opinions and remarks of other people affect our emotions?

I think that anyone who wants to make a big deal about someone making a remark about a person's skin color is immature, unreasonable, and unwilling to let go of the past where the real racism was.  As a political blogger I'm used to having people say and write some very mean things about me.  I don't let it bother me - I sure don't lose any sleep over it.

Face it people - as far as mature responsible adults go the race card is a dead card.  God created us all equally and we all bleed red so if someone makes a remark you don't like you ignore them like any other mature adult would do.  In fact, when I watched the following video I simply laughed and clicked on to the next one - if though our President is making anti-white statement after anti-white statement.

I'm sorry but if no one calls President Obama on racist comments than no one else should be called out for them either. I thought we all wanted equal treatment for all in this country, not special treatment for some and worse treatment for others.

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