Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Obama's Appoints 10 Governors to Military Council

Thanks to PrisonPlanet.com for posting this one.  According to the website Obama signed an Executive Order that essentially creates a board of 10 governors, all appointed by Obama, to work with the Federal government to involve the military more in domestic security.

When I first read this my biggest fear was that Obama would appoint all Democrats to the council.  However the executive order (available using the link above) states that no more than 5 governors would be of the same political party. 

Ok, so then we would have 5 Democrat governors and 5 Republican governors.  Of those 5 Republican governors we would probably have 2-3 liberal Republicans and the rest be conservative Republicans keeping conservatives in the mintority.

Further in the order it states that there shall be 2 co-chairs each of different political parties.  Again a liberal Democrat and a liberal Republican would probably be appointed here. 

What about compensation?  Well the Governors would serve without compensation except for travel allowances and per diem expenses.  If this council ever meets in Guam or somewhere really really nice then eyebrows should raise. 

Finally the duties of the council, as according to the order, is to help coordinate military activities between the States and the Federal government including overseeing civil support groups.  Not that the Black Panther voter intimidation scandal was enough but now we will have them serving as a civil security force.

This quote (originally published at PrisonPlanet.com) really paints a clear picture:
“There is a definite purpose to this,” wrote one commenter on the popular Free Republic website, “The initial steps toward a domestic “Civilian Security Force” in each state, as called for by the fascisti during the campaign. It will be coordinated at the state level, under the authority of DHS and DoD and assorted agencies. The provision will be made for it to be “federalized” in an emergency, as is the National Guard.”

“This is a concrete step toward eliminating the independent authority and dissolving the sovereignty of the several States. It lays the groundwork for the end of the United States as a Republic,” she adds.

The scary part is that I'm not really all that surprised...

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